Dr. Raye Mutcherson “Dr. Raye” is a certified fitness and wellness educator, consultant and trainer. He has been in the fitness industry for several years serving in multiple capacities, from youth athletic coach to wellness and fitness professional and has experience working with a wide range of groups and abilities.

Dr. Raye earned his doctoral degree from UCONN in the area of Biomedical science and research. Along with his passion for fitness and wellness, Raye holds positions at the university level and private high school teaching Anatomy & Physiology and Advanced Placement Biology. The same detail and passion for the human body demonstrated in his teaching, Raye brings to program design for individuals of all fitness levels.

Raye has demonstrated a unique ability to encourage, motivate and lead those that have decided to invest in their overall health and fitness. By creating a fitness environment rooted in fitness progression, accountability and energy, he is able to keep you engaged and excited about the process all while enjoying the results of your hard work.

Dr. Raye has built his fitness community in the spirit of: Think It, Plan It & Execute it. No two fitness programs are alike, simply because no two goals are alike.